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-Due Diligence –


MBS can perform operational and financial reviews for acquisition clients and potential business partners, where we review and critique the efficiency and functionality of the existing mortgage operation, procedures and staff covering management, production, operations, secondary marketing, technology, and servicing.


Credit Risk Assessment

MBA helps Commercial Banks evaluate the performance of a mortgage company trying to borrow funds for a warehouse line or obtain MSR financing.



How good is good enough…


How good is good enough is the question commercial bankers assess to determine if a mortgage company borrowers is an acceptable credit risk for a warehouse line loan.  Obviously a mortgage bank cannot fund loans without the warehouse line from a commercial bank. 


How good is good enough is often answering this question requires obtaining more information about the mortgage company borrower. 


MBS provides a deeper dive to assess a mortgage company to provide the lender with greater assurance of the creditworthiness of the mortgage company borrower. This is an essential service provided by MBS.  We do the “due diligence” for the lender to support the lending decision and provide a depth of assessment from our extensive expertise in mortgage banking that is often beyond the ability of the in-house bank credit analyst staff’s experience. 


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