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Servicing Decisioning


MBS provides On-Site reviews of mortgage servicers to

  • critique the operational efficiency,

  • assess regulatory compliance and

  • recommend enhancements to deploy best practices. 


The MBS assessment includes an examination of the functionality of the existing operation's procedures, staff, technology and validated results from payment processing through loss mitigation and conveyance.

Loan Servicing

Mortgage loan Servicing is a highly complex and

usually under-valued mortgage lending business line;


it is one of the best-kept secrets and

highest IRRs in Mortgage Finance ...



MBS can help..... 


  • Servicing vs Sub-Servicing

  • Launching "In-House" Mortgage Servicing

  • Sub-Servicer Validation Requirements for TPM

  • Servicing Quality Control Implementation and Management

  • Release Servicing or Retain Decision Modeling

  • MSR or SRP Accounting

  • Implement portfolio optimization;

  • Strategizing products to retain, sell, or acquire 

  • Subservicing Assessments



Subservicing Assessments -


MBS is hired to perform Subservicer Assessments under third-party management requirements from CFPB and OCC for some of the largest financial institutions in the country. The results of the review are based on testing thousands of data elements and are presented in an extensive written report.



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