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Dan Cooper

Dan Cooper, CMB

Senior Consultant - Secondary Marketing (512) 977-9900 ext. 402


As a Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB), Dan Cooper brings more than 25 years of extensive Secondary Marketing experience to the MBS team.  He is a veteran of many cycles in the business and has managed secondary marketing trading, sales and back office operations for companies whose production ranged from $500 million per year to over $6 billion per year.  


Mr. Cooper has employed a variety of philosophies and systems in the process and understands the advantages and disadvantages of each in relation to a company’s risk/return profile.  Additional experience includes purchasing, selling and hedging large mortgage loan servicing and security portfolios, creating and managing a profitable de novo mortgage company, and implementing and managing FAS 133 hedge accounting systems and procedures for a $36 billion mortgage servicing portfolio and a $4 billion per year wholesale oriented mortgage company.  


Mr. Cooper received his BSBA degree in Finance from the University of Florida and his MBA from Florida Atlantic University.  He resides in Houston, Texas where he enjoys time with his wife Kimberly and 3 children.


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